High-Impact Giving

High-Impact Giving Support

Our Service

Empowering Strategic Philanthropy

Without the right support, the giving process can be confusing. Our advisory service is rooted in our independent research and ensures you can have confidence in your impact.

Personalised Advice

Our Advisors can help you structure and plan your giving, guide you through some of the big questions and provide tailored grant recommendations.

Expert Research

Our dedicated team and partners generate in-depth research on causes and funding opportunities that maximise the impact of each dollar donated.

Giving Infrastructure

Our Donor Advised Fund has zero admin fees up to $5m and makes giving easy.
Outsource all the logistics of giving to us and focus on impact, not admin.

Our Approach

Going Beyond Doing Good

At Founders Pledge we're committed to not just doing good, but doing as much good as we possibly can. Research shows that the very best funding opportunities are orders of magnitude better at producing results than the average charity and that there are meaningful differences in outcomes between even good, evidence led charities. We want to go beyond “good enough” and ensure you're funding the unicorns of the charity world.

With your Advisor, you can learn about different causes and organisations. Our unique Value Discovery Approach, where we explore the outcomes that matter most to you, can help ensure that your giving is really making the change you want to see in the world.

Have a Question for our Advisory Team?

Our dedicated Advisory team is available to every Founders Pledge member. If you'd like to talk about fulfilling your pledge, ask about our research, or have another question, please get in touch.

Have a Question for our Advisory Team?