How I Give: Entrepreneurship & philanthropy with Andrew Skotzko

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Philip Kasumu
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From Founder to Philanthropist

How I Give is a Founders Pledge podcast about entrepreneurship, philanthropy and social change. We talk to founders, philanthropists and social innovators about what drives them, how they are rethinking social impact, and how we can do philanthropy better.

Episode 8

Entrepreneurship & philanthropy with Andrew Skotzko, Group Product Manager at Applied Invention

Andrew Skotzko is a product leader, podcaster, philanthropist and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. He co-founded Petabridge in 2014 and Afriji in 2016, and has previously worked at startups Chill and Pebble, which were acquired by Tinder and Fitbit respectively. In addition, he has taken on a number of venture roles, previously working as an Entrepreneur in Residence at PHD Ventures and Growth Hacker in Residence at 500 Startups. Passionate about all things Product, he is currently Group Product Manager at Applied Invention.

No stranger to podcasting, Andrew hosts his own podcast called Make Things That Matter (formerly ENLIVEN), which explores what’s possible in the Product world, how we can make things better and how we can use business as a force for good with a range of guests. In this episode of How I Give, we speak to Andrew about his unique entrepreneurial journey, his philanthropy and what inspired him to take the pledge and join the Founders Pledge community.

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Philip Kasumu


Philip joined Founders Pledge as Growth Lead for Europe in January 2020. He has spent the last few years building health and wellness tech products in both London and New York. He’s extremely passionate about tackling the global issue of obesity and diabetes in particular the impact of fizzy drinks. In addition to his passion for health and wellness reform Philip truly does drink the startup kool-aid and regularly nerds out on his weekly podcast Startup Handmedowns where he sits down with successful founders.

Philip studied Accounting and Management at the University of Essex.