The Patient Philanthropy Project


To safeguard and benefit the long-term future of humanity

This Project focuses on how we can collectively grow our resources to support the long-term flourishing of humanity. It addresses a crucial gap: as a society, we spend much too little on safeguarding and benefiting future generations. In fact, we spend more money on ice cream each year than we do on preventing our own extinction. However, people in the future - who do not have a voice in their future survival or environment - matter. Lots of them may yet come into existence and we have the ability to positively affect their lives now, if only by making sure we avoid major catastrophes that could destroy our common future.

Housed within the Project is the Patient Philanthropy Fund, a philanthropic co-funding vehicle which invests to give and ensures capital is at the ready when extraordinary opportunities to safeguard and improve the long-term future arise.

The Fund’s patient approach means that we aim to identify the point in time when the highest-impact opportunities are available, which may be years, decades, or even centuries ahead.

To contribute to the Patient Philanthropy Fund, email us at or - if you are not a Founders Pledge member - donate via or Giving What We Can.

Our Giving Strategy

Plan for the Future

Phase 1 (completed): Fund launch ($1m)

• Legal, governance and administrative structure created
• Initial management committee recruited
• Initial grant-making policy developed

Phase 3: Growth to maturity ($10m to $100m)

• Investment strategy expanded to include active and mission-aligned options
• Further research partners added
• Governance and operations readied for spin-out


Phase 2 (in progress): Early development ($1m to $10m)

• First small grants made
• Two management committee members added, of which at least one female
• Updated research on patient philanthropy published

Phase 4: Spin-out ($100m)

• Independent charitable entity created
• Relevant staff hired and contracted
• Occurs either if the Fund hits $100m or after 10 years with minimum $10m, whichever comes first

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Each year, to build its grantmaking infrastructure and track record, the Fund will make small grants at less than 1% of its size to the best existing, pre-vetted longtermist funding opportunities we are able to find in that year.

Until spin-out into a separate entity, all operational expenses of the Fund are covered by Founders Pledge, meaning 100% of your contribution is invested and granted out at the time when needed most.

Meet our Management Committee

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If you want to learn more or contribute, email us at For non-FP members, donate to the Patient Philanthropy Fund via Giving What We Can or