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Who We Are

We are a global community of startup leaders, united by a shared commitment to social impact. Founders Pledge members are typically at a later stage in their startup journey (post-Series B), but we seek out any entrepreneur with a valuable perspective to contribute to the community. If you have an established business and are eager to engage with social problems, we’d love to talk.

There are no fees or dues involved in joining: the only requirement is to make the pledge to donate a portion of your liquidity to charitable causes.

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How much should I pledge?

Create a Legacy

The percentage you choose to pledge will have a big impact on the lives of others, and warrants careful consideration. We recommend identifying a number you’re completely comfortable with, but also feels ambitious and meaningful.

Because the pledge is conditional on future liquidity, we ask you to choose a percentage, rather than a fixed amount. We find that giving in proportion to personal proceeds makes the process more intentional, and ultimately more rewarding.

The pledge percentage is up to you, but if you want inspiration, see our suggestions on the right.