Pledge Fulfilment

No two philanthropic journeys are identical. We tailor the process to your individual needs.

Our Donor Advised Fund

A Donor Advised Fund (“DAF”) is a giving vehicle you can think of as a charitable bank account. It is unique in allowing donors to make charitable contributions, receive an immediate tax deduction, and decide how to allocate those funds over time. Founders Pledge members can donate via our Donor Advised Funds operated in the UK, the US and Germany.

Bespoke and Zero-cost

We handle all the logistics of grantmaking globally. We process members’ grants, absorb the administrative burden, and streamline the process, at zero cost.

Global Coverage

A DAF enables strategic grantmaking with global reach. Members can donate to any charity, anywhere in the world, with tax-efficiency and peace of mind.

Simple and Efficient

A DAF creates a longer timeline for grantmaking. Members can refine their giving strategy based on insights and tailored consultation from our research team.

Giving From Outside the US, UK and Europe?

Most likely, you'll still be able to make use of our DAF. Our team works tirelessly to find the best possible donation process for every member, no matter where in the world they’re based. So far, our end-to-end giving infrastructure is established in North America, the UK and Europe, and we’re continuously expanding our coverage. Get in touch with our deployment team to find out how we can support your giving.

What Happens When I Fulfil my Pledge?

Pledge fulfilment is always tailored to personal preferences, liquidation structures and giving strategies. Get in touch when you're about to reach liquidity, and we'll take you through the process. Our DAF can also accept pledge fulfilments in illiquid or privately-held shares.

Learn More About Our DAF

A Donor Advised Fund is a flexible, efficient and secure way to donate to your chosen charities. You can think of a Donor Advised Fund, or ‘DAF’, as a charitable bank account, used solely to support the non-profit organizations you care about. The basic principle is that you can pay in now, receive any available charitable tax deductions on that contribution, and use the funds to support your chosen charities over time.

Once you have decided which non-profits you would like to support, simply let us know and we will handle the logistics of making the grants.

Please do keep in mind that we cannot, under any circumstances, provide tax or financial advice to our members.

To learn more about our DAF, please contact our Deployment Team:


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